Treatments for Serious Injuries after an Accident

Getting into a car accident can be a terribly shocking event. It is nearly always unexpected, and it can disrupt your life in significant ways. Car accidents tend to be the result of human error: One of the drivers did not keep their eyes on the road, was not alert enough to other vehicles around them, or was engaged in distracting behavior such as talking or sending text messages. Vehicles that collide at high speeds can cause serious injuries to both drivers. However, it sometimes happens that one of the drivers suffers the brunt of the collision and must go through the most pain, discomfort, and financial strain.

No matter the specific injuries you have sustained in the car wreck, you can claim damages for it. If the recklessness and inattention of another driver led to the accident and put you in the hospital, then they should be made to pay. You have legal rights, and it is important to defend them. Calling a personal injury lawyer will help you understand your options for getting properly compensated for an accident that was not your fault.

Going to the Hospital after an Accident

You should always go to the emergency room after an accident. Even if you can walk away from the crash, you should still get yourself checked out. You will need a medical examination for your insurance company. And you must also get an evaluation to ensure that you have not suffered any internal injuries.

Treatments for Serious Accident Injuries

If you were injured in the accident, then you must brace yourself for treatment and recovery. Here are a few of the most common injuries that result from car accidents and the treatment and recovery times associated with them:

1. Head

Head injuries are common. The violent impact of a car crash will cause your head to hit the windshield, steering wheel, loose objects, or even passengers. Although serious head injuries can result from such accidents, concussions are the most common. A concussion occurs when your brain bounces around in your skull. This is a traumatic event and can cause dizziness and other impairments. The best cure for a concussion is rest. The worst of it will wear off within 3 weeks.

2. Face

You may have cut yourself or suffered bruising to parts of your face. The cuts can be stitched, and any swelling can be gradually reduced with medically prepared ice packs. If you have suffered any broken bones in your face, you may need surgery.

Any minor facial injuries will heal within a few days. If you need to undergo surgery, the recovery process can take months.

3. Neck

Whiplash is the most common form of neck injury. The impact of the crash may cause your neck to snap back quickly, which will cause a strain. In the worst instance, it will dislocate your vertebrate.

A mild case of whiplash can be treated with over-the-counter medication. A more serious case may require you to wear a neck brace. The worst of the pain will be gone within a week.

4. Internal

In an especially violent car wreck, you might be thrown against parts of the car or parts of the car may push against you. The impact can harm your internal organs. Injuries to your heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels, and other vital parts can cause them to bleed out. Such an injury must be treated immediately, as it can lead to death.

One of the first things the ER team at the hospital will look for is internal injuries. If you have sustained this kind of injury, you will need to go into surgery to stop the bleeding and save your life.

Recovery from this kind of surgery can take months.

If your internal injuries are mild, the physician may keep you under observation to see if the organ will heal itself. Further treatment in these cases can also include complete rest, ice compression, and the elevation of your feet.

5. Psychological

A violent car accident is a shocking event. It will cause you both physical and mental trauma. The latter is something that many people involved in accidents don’t expect and are unsure of how to deal with.

Many accident victims suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The public tends to associate this condition with war veterans. But these are just one group of people who suffer from it. Anyone who has been through a severe trauma in their life can develop it. Indeed, you may not develop PTSD, but a chronic form of anxiety and depression. Whatever your symptoms, you should seek treatment for them.

The most effective treatment for psychological injuries is counselling. A mental health professional can provide you with the tools to manage your anxiety and stress. Depending on the intensity and extent of your condition, they may also prescribe medication. You should stay in therapy for as long as you need to.

Why You Should Seek Compensation

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help you get the money you require to get well. The process of treatment and recovery can be expensive, and if you are like most people, you do not have the money to pay medical bills and other expenses – nor can you afford to swallow the financial hit of being out of work.

If your life has been brought to the edge of ruin because someone could not be bothered following traffic laws or paying attention to what they were doing, it is right for you to seek compensation. You will most likely need to seek compensation from their insurance company – who will put up a fight. You can only get the money you deserve by working with a lawyer who has handled cases like yours before. You want a legal advocate who is passionate, insightful, effective, experienced, and dedicated to getting the best outcome for you.

As you recover from your accident, you should have a conversation with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases.