Here Are Additional Resources Injury Victims Need

When you are injured, it can feel like your whole life has been upended and there is nothing you can do about it. Through no fault of your own, you may find yourself with injuries whose effects will linger for months, years, or the rest of your life. Luckily for you, there are a number of professionals you can turn to who will help you overcome the various post-injury challenges you encounter while you are on the path to recovery. Here are just a few types of resources injury victims should not go without:

Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Nurses, and other Medical Professionals

When you have been injured in an accident, doing whatever it is you need to do to get yourself back to your pre-accident baseline level of health and overall functional capacity, should be your top priority. 

Getting treatment from a licensed medical professional as soon as possible after you are injured is an absolute must. If you can, you should undergo your first post-injury examination at a hospital’s emergency department. The staff there will be accustomed to treating injury victims, regardless of the injury’s severity. They will examine you and probably perform some imaging or other testing to identify which of your body parts have been injured and what specific types of injuries you have suffered. 

If need be, you may have surgery right then and there. Usually, though, you will be discharged after undergoing your examination and directed to follow up with your family doctor or a specialist within a week or so of your hospital visit. After your initial treatment, you will likely be prescribed physical therapy to help you regain normal function and range of motion in your affected body parts.

A Team of Personal Injury Lawyers at a Law Firm That Specializes in Handling Personal Injury Cases

No matter how extensive or severe your injuries may be, a team of experienced personal injury lawyers can advise you of your rights and help you secure maximum compensation for your medical bills, past lost earnings, future lost earnings if you are forced out of your job and have to find a new one, the costs of medical equipment, costs associated with modifying your home and your vehicle to accommodate your post-injury physical limitations, the pain and suffering you have endured since you were injured, your future pain and suffering, any negative psychological effects you have endured since you were injured, and your anticipated future negative psychological effects. 

The value of many of these categories of damages in your specific case may be difficult to quantify, and that is one of the reasons having skilled lawyers to help you through your recovery is so important. 

Beyond their expertise in letting you know how much your case is worth, your lawyers’ familiarity with the process of filing and prosecuting an injury claim against the party responsible for causing your injuries will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your claim is being handled professionally. Handling the claim on your own would require you to invest a great deal of time, energy, and money in it. Your experienced lawyers have seen enough injury victims and managed enough claims during their careers that they will be capable guides for you as you make your way through the process. 

Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Other Mental Health Professionals

An accident and its aftermath can have even more significant effects on your mental health than on your physical health. Your injuries may have left you with temporary or permanent limitations that prevent you from working, engaging in activities or hobbies you enjoyed before your accident, taking care of your loved ones or, in some cases, taking care of yourself. 

Even if your physical limitations are mild, you may still be afraid of putting yourself in situations similar to the situation in which you were injured, whether you were driving a car, working on a ladder, playing with a dog, or merely walking around outside on a sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. 

If you experience post-injury fear or anxiety, you should consult a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. These professionals will help you overcome your negative emotions or associations and recommend strategies for helping you avoid them in the future.

A Financial Advisor or a Financial Planner

The odds are good that, after your accident, your financial situation will be materially altered – at least in the short term. If you have to miss work while your injuries are healing and your claim is pending, you will have to adjust your budget and spending accordingly. If you lose your job as a result of your injuries, your financial situation could become dire. 

You may have to seek a litigation financing loan that will be given to you before your case is resolved in exchange for some or all of the compensation you receive from the responsible party. If you find yourself in dire financial straits while your case is pending, you should consider talking to your dedicated lawyer about seeking a loan from a litigation financing company.

When your claim is resolved, you will likely receive a lump-sum payment from the responsible party or the responsible party’s insurance company as compensation for your injuries and other damages. It is far too easy to treat this payment as a windfall and spend it carelessly or recklessly. Resist that urge with all your might. 

The first phone call you make after you receive your settlement payment should be to a financial professional who can help you manage the money. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and enjoying it a little bit, but you need a financial advisor or financial planner to help you map out a long-term strategy that will allow you to make the most of it in the years to come.