Factors to Consider before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a car accident or slip and fall accident, the first thing that you should do is obtain medical treatment. Once your injuries have been tended to, you’ll likely want to hire a lawyer to assist with your case. While you can certainly file an insurance claim without the help of a lawyer, you may be provided with a settlement offer that’s lower than you expected. A lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. They can also provide you with a recommendation on whether or not you should file a lawsuit.

Since there are so many lawyers to choose from, it can be difficult to minimize your options if you’re unsure of what you’re searching for. To be certain that you’ve selected the right lawyer, there are a number of factors for you to consider before doing so.

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Attend Multiple Consultations

Before you hire a lawyer for your personal injury case, it’s essential that you schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about who the lawyer is as well as their qualifications. It’s highly recommended that you attend multiple consultations before choosing a personal injury lawyer. Even though you might like the first lawyer that you meet with, it’s always possible that the next one you meet will be even better. Meeting with several lawyers should give you enough information to make an informed decision. You should also try to obtain free consultations, which most personal injury lawyers offer.

A consultation is a type of meeting that’s designed to discuss the details of your case without much legal advice, which is why there’s no reason to pay a large sum of money for a meeting with a lawyer who may not even represent your case.

Inquire about Experience

Whether you’re filing an insurance claim for your injuries or are thinking about filing a lawsuit, these cases can be difficult to win since you’ll be required to prove that another individual or company was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. Unless you have numerous eyewitness accounts and documents to support your claims, proving fault doesn’t come easy. This is why you want a lawyer who has an extensive amount of experience with these types of cases. Along with this experience, the lawyer should understand the state laws that apply to your case, which will likely be important if the case goes to court. The lawyer that you choose will also need to be able to answer any questions you might have about such cases.

Make Sure That Communication Is Good

Communication is a surprisingly important aspect of choosing the right lawyer that many people gloss over. However, having poor communication with the lawyer that you choose can make for a frustrating experience where your needs aren’t properly addressed by your lawyer of choice. When you’re attempting to narrow your options, make sure that the lawyer you select shows compassion for your case and seems like they’re actually concerned. While poor communication and a lack of compassion doesn’t always mean that your case won’t have a successful resolution, you always want a lawyer by your side who you can be confident is working in your best interests.

Identify How Legal Fees Are Paid

Lawyers can charge legal fees in a variety of ways, which you’ll want to determine before selecting a lawyer for your case. The majority of lawyers who provide representation for these types of cases where injuries are involved will work on a contingency fee. This means that they won’t receive money from you until you’ve actually been paid. Their fee is typically a percentage of the compensation you obtain from your case. Even if your lawyer is providing their services on a contingency basis, you’ll still need to know what types of legal fees will accrue during the case. There are a variety of expenses that you might be expected to pay at the end of the case, which is why you’ll want to obtain this information before choosing a lawyer.

Don’t Choose a Lawyer Who Provides a Guarantee

Being provided with a guarantee when you purchase a product or an online service is something that practically everyone looks for so that they can be certain their buying experience will be satisfying. However, the same isn’t true with lawyers. Even if it appears likely that you’ll be able to prove fault when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, nothing can ever be 100 percent guaranteed when it comes to legal matters. If you meet with a lawyer who offers you a guarantee that your case will be successful, it’s likely that the lawyer is simply trying to get your money. You want to choose an experienced lawyer who provides you with their actual opinion of your case and what they expect the timeline of your case to look like.

Keep the Statute of Limitations in Mind

Every state has a different statute of limitations for cases that involve injuries, which is something that you need to be aware of before you attempt to file a claim or lawsuit. A statute of limitations essentially places a limit on how long you have to file a claim or lawsuit for your injuries after the initial accident took place. This statute of limitations could be anywhere from a month to a year. If you have yet to file a claim or lawsuit by the time the deadline passes, you may no longer have any recourse for recovering the damages that you’re owed. A lawyer can help you understand if a statute of limitations applies to your case.

Understand That These Cases Take Time

Before you hire a lawyer for your case, it’s important that you understand that such cases usually take a lengthy period of time to resolve. Even if you don’t hire a lawyer for your case, standard insurance claims involving injuries can still take months to complete. The reason for the lengthy duration of legal cases involving injuries is because the insurance company or court system will need to obtain the complete medical records relating to your injuries. Without these records, a fair offer can’t be made. When you hire the right attorney for the job, they’ll be able to avoid some of the legal hurdles that can make these cases take longer to complete than they should.

Now that you’ve considered these factors, you should be ready to hire a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.