Spectators Injured at Stadium Events Have Legal Rights

It can happen at any time when someone is watching a concert, sports game, or another stadium event. A spectator gets hurt. This can happen when a spectator falls trying to get to their seat, gets hit by a ball or puck, and more. When this happens, a spectator has a right to seek compensation … [Read more…]

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is one of the most devastating types of death imaginable. Unlike death from illness or old age, loved ones have no time to prepare for this type of death. They aren’t expecting it, they aren’t prepared for that phone call, and they don’t see it coming. Imagine you have a loved one who … [Read more…]

Hurt in an Airbnb?

premises preview

Airbnb is a rental company that allows homeowners a chance to rent out their homes to strangers for a price. It’s a type of brokerage for people who have a rental home or property or simply want to issue their own home or a room in their home to those in need of a place … [Read more…]

DePuy Synthes Attune Lawsuit & Lawyer Information

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Whenever you have surgery, you have a certain expectation of health and well being. By remaining aware of your legal rights, you will be able to contact an Attune lawsuit lawyer that can provide you with services that will give you payment for a surgery that failed or that had adverse side effects. When it … [Read more…]