Is Speaking to the Driver That Caused an Accident a Bad Idea?

You are driving your regular route to work when someone blind-sides you at the intersection. The crash has caused some disorientation, and both parties check with one another to ensure each are alright. The next step involves contacting the local authorities to notify them of the situation. While waiting for the authorities to arrive, do … [Read more…]

Examples of Trucking Violations That Cause Injuries

trucking violations

While commercial trucks provide a tremendous benefit to society by transporting goods across the country in an efficient manner, driving them can nonetheless be a risky proposition. Because, on average, they tend to weigh twenty to thirty times more than a standard passenger vehicle, grave injuries can result from a collision. Due to this reason … [Read more…]

If a Pileup Occurs, Who Is the Claim Against?

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that auto accidents in the United States happen every minute on average. That amounts to approximately six million car crashes per year. Of this number, around a third are classified as multiple vehicle accidents or pileups. It is never easy to determine who the claim is actually … [Read more…]

What Are Some Types of Train Injuries?


The American Road and Transportation Builders estimate that railroad tracks run more than 13,000 miles in the United States. There are about 600 railroads found nationwide with almost 210,000 railroad crossings. Although trains are not the primary choice for transportation these days, they remain active. Unfortunately, they cause plenty of terrible accidents, too. Back in … [Read more…]