What Kind of Proof Does Someone Need to Show That the Person That Caused a Car Accident Was Texting?

The popularity of cell phones is related to a rise in driving while distracted. This type of driving takes your attention away from the road ahead, which can lead to dangerous consequences. One of the most common forms of driving while distracted is texting. This alarming trend can take drivers full attention off of the … [Read more…]

How are ATV and Car Accident Claims Different?

A majority of citizens use vehicles as their main source of transportation. Cars, motorcycles, and quads are all examples of vehicles frequently used for traveling citizens with set destinations. With so much road traffic, unfortunately, it is inevitable that there are many vehicle accidents that occur in our everyday life. If an accident occurs, are … [Read more…]

How Trucking Companies Reduce Their Financial Responsibility in Accidents and What You Need to Know

Not surprisingly, trucking accidents can result in extremely serious personal injuries and frequently involve very significant property damage as well. These accidents can have a devastating impact on the lives of their victims. Recognizing the potentially massive financial liability and legal expense they can face as a result of trucking accidents, companies do everything they … [Read more…]

Injured by an Uber Ride?

If you or someone you care about has been injured by an Uber ride as a passenger, a bystander, or as another driver, you may have many questions. For instance, you may want to know “Who will pay for my injuries – the Uber driver or the Uber company?” or “Is the Uber driver actually … [Read more…]

If Your Child Is Hurt on a Public Playground, Do You Have a Claim?

Children can injure themselves almost anywhere. As every parent knows, even the safest playground equipment can turn into a deathtrap when combined with a horde of little ones. While many playground injuries are due to inadequate supervision or dangerous behavior, a surprising amount are due to an unsafe playground. If your child was injured due … [Read more…]